Welcome to my blog! This is my first time using WordPress and I am still a beginner so please excuse me for the minimal layout. I can assure you that it will get better as time goes by.

The reason why I am starting this blog is to nurture my passion in writing, which is one of my guilty pleasures. It is also a way for me to cope the rollercoaster ride of life by writing my inner thoughts or simply my personal instances. The posts in this blog will be random and there is no ┬ásuch thing as scheduled posts as I will only update to my heart’s content.

This blog is a great opportunity to express my raw emotions towards the bittersweet reality I have experienced. Being an introvert, I hardly get to convey my real thoughts as I felt that no one can understand me better than my own self. I have been bottling up everything for a long time now and the piles of hidden emotion is endless. As what they said, there must be a limit to it and I have reached it which leads to the existence of this blog. Thus, this blog is meant to be there, regardless of place and time.

I honestly have nothing more to say so I am going to end this post with a cliche quote:

“Here is to a new beginning of a chapter!”

Much love, A.