Apologies for not updating regularly. As expected, life as a student is getting tougher now that I’m in a sixth form. Other than that, life has been… dull? I’m not sure if that’s even the right word to describe it but yeah, couldn’t help but to think of it that way.

Anyhow, I’m writing tonight as I’m feeling slightly sentimental about literally everything. School has been undeniably tough, coping is alright but exceeding people’s expectations has never been my forte. We recently had our first ever progress test and my emotion has been unstable ever since. Although my result is considerably average or ‘need to work even harder’ as what my tutors interpreted, honestly speaking, I’m somewhat content? that I at least PASSED the test. It’s my first big test anyway so I hope that my tutors will continue to remain optimistic and have faith on my progression  🙂

Since we’re only recommended to take 3 A’level subjects, I’m taking Maths, Geography and Psychology. By far, my favourite subject would be Psychology because it’s getting more and more intriguing. To some extent, curiosity does kill the cat, though.

On a happier note, I GOT AN A FOR MY GP!!! I’m beyond ecstatic as it’s my first essay since O’level. I also found out that I’m the only one in my class that gets an A and my tutor wasn’t expecting the person to be me. When I knew about this a few days ago, I couldn’t help but to feel accomplished as I’ve been so competitive when it comes to English. The satisfaction I get was indescribable.

It’s currently 10:10 PM the moment I typed this, so I better get to bed ASAP and replenished before school tomorrow. Thank you for spending a bit of your time in reading this although the content is sort of lacking. I’ll try to be better next time. Until then, please have a good day/night, reader.

Much love, A.


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