Although I already turned 18 on early October (which is last year), I believe it’s still not too late to share these things that I discovered/learned as I grow up. I’m aware that most would preferably watch it over a video or something else but since I don’t have a Youtube, this is a great alternative in my opinion. By writing things down, I felt that it is more sincere and genuine.

Apparently, this gonna be a long list so grab your tea/coffee/whatever and enjoy reading!

*Note: All the things mentioned are not in any particular order

  1. Value family more than friends

Some may agree and others don’t. I mean, who are always there when you need them? The ones who offer the greatest life support, whether it be during hardships or achievements? I believe it’s none other than your own family. In my case, I grew up in a loving 5 members of a family and no words can describe how thankful I am to be a part of it. Don’t get me wrong, I love my friends too (they’re wonderful as well) but it always has been family > friends for me.

2. Be an individual that I want to be and ignore criticisms (except it’s constructive)

In this harsh society, we can never run away from other’s remarks. That’s why it’s important that we know how to deal with this situation; either taking it positively or simply ignored it. For me, I’m more likely the latter. I know it’s somewhat immature but this is because labelling can be sticky and I don’t want it to affect me in the long run.

3. Alone time is the best way to remember my roots

It’s important for me to have an alone time once in a while as it helps in so many ways I can ever imagine. Be it spiritually, mentally or even physically. Not only that, it’s also the best way for me to remember my raw self without the presence of others. This does contributes to my humility. I mainly found comfort in alone time as it is almost similar to paradise; peace and tranquility.

4. Continue fighting for what I believe in and never give up; EVER

Whether it be rights or success I’m striving for, never ever give up despite the downfalls. I have so much trust that the end product will be sweet as victory. Often, this works miraculously. The journey may be difficult and full of challenges but regardless of what people say, I still fight for what felt right to me as this my life. My life, my rules. 

5.  Don’t change myself to please others

Some people often change themselves so that others will like them. I don’t live by this, because changing isn’t easy and it can affect my wellbeing which is happiness. Believe me, you’re more prone to being depressed if you continue to live to one’s expectation than simply be yourself. If others think you’re plain and what not, it’s their problem and not yours.

6. Always be grateful for what I currently have

There are people out there who have more/less that what I have. And just for this simple reason, I should be grateful to no extent.


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